My Alaska Homestead
For Sale
12.73 acres located 35 miles North of Fairbanks, Alaska.  Sitting above the Chatanika River this homestead  is located on the southslopes with old growth White Spruce forest and a prime view of the river valley.​​

There is multiple egresses into this area, water, air or trail.
It is 7 miles by trail to the nearest maintained road and parking. Current access is by Hiking, ATV, Snow Machine or Watercraft only.
This rare property includes a well developed multi-building Main Cabin Homestead location, a second support property (with Saw-mill) and a third property which has a Trappers Cabin and an in progress new Cabin building site. This semi-remote property is a self-powered and independant location with multiple satellite connections.
This property is for sale as a turnkey operation with all power systems, equipment, vehicles and tools included.
This semi-remote homestead property is off road and off grid with highly developed power, water and horticulural systems.

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  1. Horseshoe Lake second cabin site- Chatanika
    Horseshoe Lake Property
    Location of second property site. This land is home to beaver, muskrat and trumpeter Swans for many years.
  2. Yard view from Main Cabin location- Chatanika
    Yard of Main Cabin Property
    Looking South towards Murphy Dome and the main trail into the Chatanika property.
  3. Yard view from Main Cabin down Chatanika River Valley
    Main Cabin viewing west
    Looking down Chatanika River towards the Minto Lakes, a major migratory waterfowl site.
  4. Sunrise on Homestead- Chatanika
    Sunrise over Shop
    East from Fairbanks direction. January 2016- Sunrise
  5. Aurora at Chatanika 2016
    Aurora overhead at Main Cabin January 2016 - Chatanika
  6. Rainbow on Chatanika River
    Rainbow over Murphy Dome
    Rainbow over Murphy Dome viewed from front yard of Main Cabin
  7. Sun breaches mountain ridges- Chatanika River Valley- January 2016
    Big day on the Chatanika
    Sun breaches mountains and heralds return of direct sun on the Chatanika Valley.
  8. January 5, 2016- Sun returning to Chatanika
    Sun on ridge - Chatanika River
    Sun beginning to return and now hitting ridges. Only days till direct sun in the yard of Main Cabin. January 5, 2016
  9. Chatanika-January 14, 2016
    Valley Glow
    Sun peaks over the ridge lighting up the fog. January 14, 2016- Shovel Creek in background.
  10. Mt. Denali from Murphy Dome
    Mt. Denali from the top of Murphy Dome
    Murphy Dome is the trail head into several areas of the Chatanika River Valley.
  11. Summer view of Lake Site from Main Cabin.
    Summer in the Chatanika Valley
    From the Main Cabin viewing the "Lake Site".
  12. Seven Mile Trail- Chatanika Valley
    Seven Mile trail view of Chatanika Valley
    View of Chatanika Valley as the Seven Mile trail descends into the valley. Murphy Dome is behind the viewer.
  13. Chatanika River late summer
    Chatanika River - Late Summer
    A normal water level on the Chatanika in late summer.
  14. Looking towards Minto Flats
    Towards Minto Lakes
    Looking down the Chatanika Valley towards "the flats", meaning Minto Lakes
  15. Threatening Snow- Chatanika Homestead
    Threatening Snow
    End of January 2016- A very dry and warm winter so far.
The "Homestead" encompasses three seperate properties. The "Lake Site" at $67,000 dollars is on second page of this site and "Main Cabin" which encompasse two properties and most systems and equipment at $276,000 dollars. This Property remains available as of 4/26/2018.

Gallery of Main Cabin photos
The last three years I have worked on the last addition to the Mainsite adding a large living room with second floor extension to Master bedroom. This new second floor room could be a second bedroom or office area.
Below is two separate slide shows right and left.
Click once on the pictures below to enlarge and click twice to start the slideshow.
Click once on the pictures below to enlarge and click twice to start the slideshow.
  1. Weatherproof deck between Cabin and power-greenhouse building
  2. 2017 porch railings
  3. Ventilated roofs installed 2016-2017
  4. Ventilated roofs installed 2016-2017
  1. Shop building at Homestead
  2. Arctic Entry Detail- Chatanika Homestead
  3. 2 new bedrooms 2016-2017 with 3 total
  4. New roofs in 2017
  5. Managing Director
  6. Managing Director

Over 40 years in the making...

The Cabin is 1295 sq. feet of interior space with another 350 sq. feet of roofed arctic entry ,decks, and  other entry porches. This property also includes additional buildings such as a Shop, Generator/greenhouse and an animal barn.
Most of these pictures were taken in the fall of 2015 before new roofing systems and final finisishing was begun. In fall of 2017 these upgrades were finished and shown now throughout the website.
So this is an older version of the main cabin.   
Panorama of Chatanika Homestead
Located at 65 degrees North and 148 degrees West. This remote homestead consists of 3 seperate properties  grouped close together on south slopes and surrounded by State of Alaska land. Multiple fresh water springs and old growth timber assures good access to resources. All building sites lie well above flood plain and main Primary home property commands one of the best views on the Chatanika River.  For 40 years this homestead has been hewn from the wilderness. Today this property enjoys all the modern conveniences such as full electric , indoor plumbing, satellite internet and television. 
Click on the pictures  to enlarge and to start slideshow.
Some of the many creatures on the Chatanika. Some more common than others 
  1. Rescued Goshawk chick.
  2. Lynx at Chatanika Homestead.
  3. Our daily Ravens- Chatanika Homestead
  4. Many varieties of Ducks on the Chatanika.
  5. Bald Eagles- Chatanika River
  6. Black Bear
  7. Trumpeter swans (Cygnus buccinator)
  8. Trumpeter Swans with goslings- Chatanika Homestead
  9. Young Moose at the Lake Site- Chatanika Homestead.
  10. Hairy Woodpecker- Chatanika Homestead
  11. Young Moose at the Lake Site- Chatanika Homestead. No. 2
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Sunset on Chatanika Homestead
Chatanika Homestead West
Panorama video of the view from Main Cabin site Dec 2015.
Chatanika River- near Shovel Creek
  1. Dining area and partial library
  2. Living room
  3. Kitchen features concrete countertops
  4. From arctic entry into large kitchen
  5. Stairwell to Master bedroom
  6. Hand fitted to log wall stairwell
  7. Bedroom faces egress windows
  8. Bedroom faces south
  9. Main wood heater stove
  10. bathroom area
  11. 1000+ water storage
  12. 1916 refurbished cookstove
  13. Non electric Fuel oil heater
  14. View of spacious kitchen
  15. Dressing areain Master bedroom
  16. Atrium
  17. concrete shower with shells
  18. Atrium - Chatanika Homestead
  19. One of 2 new bedrooms

Interior Main Cabin pictures

Here you can see the present interior of the Main House.
Large kitchen with concrete counters. Refrigerators inside and outside as well as a freezer.
Several cooking appliances: Large wood cooking stove from 1916 (refurbished with stainless steel), propane burners, as well as magnetic induction, microwave, and small electric oven.
Library has large collection of novels, reference, how to do & Alaskan Identification books.
Bathroom has small electric water heater, flush toilet. 
House is primarily heated with wood but also has a very efficent oil heater for when you are away from home.
Interior water storage for winter is over 1000 gal with more available space under the new addtion (below).
This property is well suited to a small family or with a little effort at reconfiguration a large family. 
Click on the pictures  to begin the slideshow.

New Additon 2014-2017

  1. New Additon - Living Room
  2. New Additon - Living Room w 2nd Floor
  3. New Addition - Cathedral Ceiling
  4. New Additon -  Siding from Saw Mill
  5. New Additon - Picture Window
  6. Chatanika Homestead- New Addition Porch
  7. Saw Mill Lumber- Chatanika Homestead
  8. Siding new addition
  9. Closing in new roof/bedroom space
  10. Milled lumber interior walls of bedroom-2016
  11. New bedroom space
The final addition to this remote home will provide a large new livingroom that is able to be to closed off from the interior of the house at extreme temperatures. It also provides a third upstairs bedroom or large office. The entry has a large front porch.This was the vision for the Cabin and is nearing completion.The large window frames a really special view.
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