The Early Days
during the rebuild

  1. Hillside of Chatanika Homestead
  2. Burning Old Cabin
  3. Foundation Setting Logs
  4. Hand Hewn Subfloor
  5. Log Storage on Hillside
  6. Managing Director
  7. Kitchen
  8. First guests of winter
  9. Beginning Atrium
  10. Cabin Second Story
  11. Site from helicopter
  12. View from garden
  13. Cabin w/o 2nd story
  14. Homestead Cabin 2015
Here is pictures of the rebuilding of the Main Property starting in the 90's and only now nearing completion. The last picture shows the Cabin today.
Life was a great deal harder in those days as almost everything was achieved by hand and carried largely on your back.
The sequence starts with the demolition of the original 1970s cabin that had collapsed spectacularily during an 8 foot snowfall year and because of our "Hippydippy" construction methods. Enjoy.
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20 year old Doug Miller
Yep, thats 20 year old me.
Early Chatanika Homestead
Our Hippy cabin was held together with wooden pegs and looked much like a Saltine Cracker box.
Form for Concrete Casting- Chatanika Homestead

New Septic in 2014

During the Summer of 2014 a new and extensive Septic System was excavated from the hillside and here you can see the concrete casting. This project included a new leach field.
Casting Concrete Cover- Chatanika Homestead
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