These photos detail only a small fraction of included equipment, vehicles and tools

This remote homestead is bieng sold as a turnkey property. For a list of the extensive equipment, tools, power systems, vehicles, watercraft , sleds & trailers  please contact the owner.

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  1. Shop at Homestead
    Shop- Front slides open for Machines- 640 sq.ft. interior.
  2. Benches Southside Shop
    Interior benches
  3. Shop Mechanics Area
    Interior w/ benches
  4. Heater and Design Area
    Interior shop heater and design area
  5. Linn Saw Mill
    LINN Band Saw Mill
  6. Polaris w/ carry rack
    Polaris wide track w/ carry rack
  7. ATV raft and Yamaha ATV
    High water raft & Yamaha Power Steering ATV
  8. Honda Rancher
    Honda ATV
  9. 18 Panel PV System
    18 panel dual axis Photo voltaic system-automatic tracker.
  10. Battery Bank and Generators
    Multiple generators and 20 battery storage bank.
  Facts to know:
  • ​​Properties in the Fairbanks Northstar Borough must be above the floodplain to get a mortgage. All these properties qualify.
  • At this time no additional remote properties are being created for sale by the State of Alaska on the Chatanika. Only if you subdivide your own property  to create additional  parcels.
  • The Chatanika River drainage is designated a "Recreational Area".
  • This remote Homestead is located about 20 miles west (upriver from) of one of the largest Interior Alaska Water Fowl protected Areas of Minto Flats.
  • Location of Main Cabin property above the valley floor and on southslopes keeps temperatures 10 to 15 degrees warmer.
  • This property location allows us to experience Sun loss about 30 days less than our nearest neighbors on valley floor. Hooray!
Doug Miller & Jared Block- Chatanika Homestead
The two guys that have been working at this project for awhile now. Owner Doug Miller and his friend Jared Block.

Power Systems at this Remote Property

Wind Generator- Chatanika Homestead
If you wish to familiarize yourself with this homesteads remote power system I have included three videos that cover those systems. The homestead property is 100% electrical, we use no kerosene or propane lighting, and we do that with approximately 3 gallons of fuel a day in the winter months and very little fuel in the summer months.
Photovoltaic System- Chatanika Homestead
Off Grid Electricity in Remote Alaska
Part 2-Generators
Off Grid Electricity in Remote Alaska
Part 3-Inverter, Breaker Box and House Loads
Off Grid Electricity in Remote Alaska
Part 1-Battery Bank
Copyright Douglas Miller 2018
Copyright Douglas Miller 2018